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Thematic Information

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1 Development of Grafting Technique in Ardu ( Ailanthus exelsa Roxb.) Dr. U.K.Tomar 18 Aug, 2011
2 Process of desertification and control measures to improved land productivity in dry areas Dr. G. Singh 06 May, 2011
3 Sand dune stabilization: Economic and environmental benefits Dr. G. Singh 06 May, 2011
4 Commiphora wightii (Guggul) An Endangered Ayurvedic Divyaushidhi Dr. Tarun Kant 06 May, 2011
5 Biotechnological interventions to save a medicinally important, threatened species of the Indian desert Commiphora wightii (Guggal) Dr. Tarun Kant 06 May, 2011
6 Biodrainage for restoration of canal command waterlogged area in Indian desert N. Bala 06 May, 2011
7 Agroforestry in arid region: Diversified benefit for the local people Dr. Bilas Singh 06 May, 2011
8 Agroforestry research for sustainable production in arid and semi arid regions of Rajasthan Dr. G. Singh 06 May, 2011
9 Planting stock improvement : Development of Seed Production Areas (SPAs) in Rajasthan and Gujarat state Dr. D.K. Mishra 06 May, 2011
10 Planting stock improvement:Development of seedling seed orchards Dr. D.K. Mishra 05 May, 2011
11 Urban Forestry in arid region of India Dr. Pradeep Choudhary 05 May, 2011
12 Assessment and Management of Forest Genetic Resources of North Western India for conservation and utilization   05 May, 2011
13 Trading of medicinal plants in Rajasthan Dr. D.K. Mishra 05 May, 2011
14 Non Timber Forest Products of Arid & Semi arid regions of North-Western India Dr. Pradeep Choudhary 05 May, 2011
15 Strategies for sustainable management of NTFPs and its impact on rural livelihood with special emphasis on women in Arid Rajasthan Smt. Sangeeta Tripathi 05 May, 2011
16 Managing effluents for tree establishment and safeguarding our environment Dr. G. Singh 05 May, 2011
17 Assisted and natural regeneration of Eucalyptus in arid tract of Rajasthan N. Bala 05 May, 2011
18 Use of growth and yield models in forestry applications. Dr. V.P. Tewari 05 May, 2011


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