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Forest Ecology & Climate Change Division (FE & CC)

Desertification and consequent land degradation is a common threat world over. The problem in this region is severe with extremes of weather condition, low and erratic rainfall (100-400 mm) and high evapotranspiration. Soils are immature, structure less, and very coarse in texture with low water holding capacity and poor nutrient status.
Scarcity of water and poor nutrient status is reflected in the form of poor vegetation cover and low productivity in the area. It is further aggravated by high population pressure. The average human and livestock population densities in Indian arid zone are 108 and 137 km-2, respectively. This leads to crop intensification and changes in land use pattern.

Soil Profile Study

Over exploitation of existing vegetation and over irrigation / or use of saline ground water for irrigation has resulted in land degradation as evidenced by the menace of sand drift and secondary salinization. Division of Forest Ecology and climate change is mandated to work on some of the important aspects to combat desertification and increase productivity in the region.

Hetropogon + A. leucophloea ghas jod,Sindarli, Pali Objectives

The division is in its endeavor to address the problems of desertification is working on the following aspects:

  • Rainwater harvesting and conservation practices
  • Sand dune stabilization
  • Irrigation water management
  • Bioremediation
  • Soil water - plant relations Bio-drainage


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