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S.No. Title of the Seminar/Workshop/Conference Organised by Date/Duration Details of Proceedings
1 Workshop cum traning on Platation establishment Technology for wastelands AFRI, Jodhpur 13-15 January, 1998 Click here
2 Workshop on Development of suitable strategy for rehabilitation of  ORANS and GAUCHARS in Rajasthan Silviculture Division, AFRI 16-17 April, 2002 Click here
3 Interactive meeting on Bio-drainage Project Forest Ecology Division, AFRI 20th August 2004 Click here
4 Conference on Multipurpose Tree Species IUFRO Conference Silviculture Division, AFRI 22-25 November 2004 Proceedings available in the form of book. Brief available on this link
5 Regional workshop on Challenges in Forestry Research Extension Agroforestry & Extension Division, AFRI 18-19 October, 2005 Click here
Proccedings Published in the form of book entitled " Forestry Research Extension : Challenges and Strategies"
6 National Workshop on Forestry for Food Security in Dry Zone Forest Ecology Division, AFRI 05-06 October, 2006 Click here
7 ITTO Workshop on Forestry Statistics Silviculture Division, AFRI 18 September, 2007 Click here
8 Workshop on Guggul Cultivation, Production and Collection Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding Division, AFRI 24 September, 2007 Click here
9 UNESCO conference on Ensuring the future of dry land sponsored by MAB UNESCO  Silviculture Division, AFRI 11-15 November, 2007 Click here Proceedings available as a book(Title : Dryland Ecosystem - Indian Perspective)
10 National Symposium on Integrated Pest and Disease Management in arid and semi-arid areas Forest Protection Division, AFRI 12-13 March, 2008 Click here
11 National seminar on Bamboo Plantation management and its utilization Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding Division, AFRI 17-19 March, 2009 Click here
12 Workshop on Management of Salt Affected Soils through Afforestation was organized at Van Chetna Kendra, Hariz, Patan, Gujarat Non Wood Forest Products Division, AFRI 25 February, 2009 Click here
13 Proceedings of workshop on Development of criteria & indicators for sustainable NTFP management Non Wood Forest Products Division, AFRI 29 August, 2009 Click here
14 One day brain storming seminar Khejari mortality in Rajasthan Forest Protection Division, AFRI 16 November, 2009 Click here
15 Workshop of Evidence based Ayurvedic Clinical Practice-Migraine and Pancreatitis AFRI, Jodhpur 22nd October, 2018 Click here


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