ICFRE - Arid Forest Research Institute

Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education
(An Autonomous Body of Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Govt. of India)


Director Office

Name of Officials Designation Email Id Phone
Sh. M. R. Baloch, IFS Director dir_afri@icfre.org 2722549, 2729101
Sh. Prem Singh Sankhla Senior Technical Officer pss@icfre.org 2729102
Sh. Narendra Kumar Sharda
Private Secretary
nksharda@icfre.org 2729102
Sh. Rahul Agrawal L.D.C. agrawalr@icfre.org 2729102
Sh. Laduram Mehra MTS laduram@icfre.org 2729102

Group Co-ordinator(Research) Section

Name of Officials Designation Email Id Phone
Dr. Tarun Kant Group Coordinator(Research) & Scientist-G
groupco_afri@icfre.org 2729104
Dr. Aditi Tailor Scientist-B atailor@icfre.org 2729138 & 2729114
Sh. Shivlal Chouhan
Asst. Chief Technical Officer
slchouhan@icfre.org 2729114
Sh. Arvind Chauhan Senior Technician chauhanak@icfre.org 2729103
Sh. Karan Kumar Multi Tasking Staff kumark@icfre.org 2729114
Sh. Vikram Vanveru Multi Tasking Staff vvanveru@icfre.org 2729114


Forest Ecology & Climate Change Division |    hod_fecc_afri@icfre.gov.in

Name of Officials Designation Email Id Phone
Dr. Bhawana Sharma Scientist-E & Head bhawana@icfre.org 2729143
Sh. Shera Ram Baloch Scientist-D balochsr@icfre.org 2729144
Sh. Sumantra Basu Scientist-B sbasu@icfre.org 2729145
Sh. Sachin Sharma Scientist-B ssharma@icfre.org 2729142
Dr. Shivesh Kumar Rajput Chief Technical Officer skrajput@icfre.org 2729153  
Sh. Prem Raj Nagora Asst. Chief Technical Officer prnagora@icfre.org 2729148
Sh. Narendra Kumar Limba Asst. Chief Technical Officer
nklimba@icfre.org 2729148
Sh. Ganga Ram Choudhary Senior Technical Officer
gangaram@icfre.org 2729145
Sh. Anil Sharma Senior Technical Officer anilsharma@icfre.org 2729147
Sh. Bhepa Ram Bishnoi Technical Officer
brbishnoi@icfre.org 2729148
Sh. Mukesh Kumar Yadav Technical Assistant yadavmk@icfre.org 2729147
Sh. Shailendra Singh Rathore Senior Technician
ssrathore@icfre.org 2729146
Sh. Jyoti Prakash Chobay Multi Tasking Staff chobayjp@icfre.org 2729147

Genetics & Tree Improvement Division |  hod_gti_afri@icfre.gov.in

Name of Officials Designation Email Id Phone
Dr. Tarun Kant
Scientist-G & HEAD tarunkant@icfre.org 2729136
Dr. Parveen Scientist E parveen@icfre.org 2729168
Dr. Desha Meena Scientist D & Nodal Officer, (FRIDUC) desha@icfre.org 2729130
Dr. Pooja Sharma Scientist-B psharma@icfre.org 2729134
Dr. Anjali Joshi Scientist-B ajoshi@icfre.org 2729138
Dr. Aditi Tailor Scientist-B atailor@icfre.org 2729138
Sh. Deepak Kumar Scientist-B deepk@icfre.org 2729128
Sh. Karna Ram Choudhary Chief Technical Officer krchoudhary@icfre.org 2729126
Sh. Thanaram Rathore Chief Technical Officer trrathore@icfre.org 2729126
Sh. Jai Prakash Dadhich Technical Officer
jdadhich@icfre.org 2729127
Dr. Ashok Kumar Parmar Senior Technician parmarak@icfre.org 2729127
Sh. Raja Ram
Multi Tasking Staff rajaram_mts@icfre.org 2729127

Forest Protection Division |  hod_fp_afri@icfre.gov.in

Name of Officials Designation Email Id Phone
Smt. Anita Head & DCF anita@icfre.org 2729115
Dr. Sangeeta Singh Scientist-F & Head sangeeta_singh@icfre.org 2729157
Dr. Shiwani Bhatnagar Scientist-D shiwani@icfre.org 2729156
Sh. Tanmaya Kumar Bhoi Scientist-B tbhoi@icfre.org -
Dr. Neelam Verma Chief Technical Officer
neelam@icfre.org 2729154
Sh. Chandra Shekhar Vyas Asst. Chief Technical Officer
csvyas@icfre.org 2729119
Sh. Ameen Ullah Khan Asst. Chief Technical Officer
aukhan@icfre.org 2729185
Sh. Kuldeep Sharma Senior Technician
kuldeepsharma@icfre.org 2729167
Sh. Bundesh Kumar
Senior Technician
kumarb@icfre.org 2729160
Sh. Kishan Singh Office Attendant kschamp@icfre.org 2729160
Sh. Ritesh Kumar Multi Tasking Staff - 2729160

Silviculture & Forest Management Division |  hod_sfm_afri@icfre.gov.in)

Name of Officials Designation Email Id Phone
Dr. M. T. Hegde Head & Sci. F hegdem@icfre.org 2729163
Dr. Naveen Kumar Bohra Scientist C bohrank@icfre.org 2729165
Sh. Suryanarayanamurthy Midde Scientist B snmmidde@icfre.org 2729161
Smt. Sangeeta Tripathi Chief Technical Officer
sangeeta@icfre.org 2729162
Sh. Bharat Veer Jayant Chief Technical Officer
bvjayant@icfre.org -
Sh. Sadul Ram Deora Technical Officer
sadulram@icfre.org 2722360
Sh. Mahipal Bishnoi Senior Technical Officer
mbishnoi@icfre.org 2722360
Sh. Ranveer Singh Technical Officer
ranbeersingh@icfre.org 2729166
Sh. Lakhpat Singh Shekhawat Technical Officer lsshekhawat@icfre.org 2729166
Sh. Naveen Vanveru Technical Assistant vanveru@icfre.org 2729161
Sh. Sohan Lal Garg Senior Technician gargsl@icfre.org 2729166
Sh. Sawai Singh Rajpurohit Multi-Tasking Staff rajpurohitss@icfre.org 2729166

Extension Division |  hod_extn_afri@icfre.gov.in

Name of Officials Designation Email Id Phone
Smt. Bhawana Sharma
Head & Sci. E
bhawana@icfre.org 2729198
Sh. Deepak Kumar Scientist-B deepk@icfre.org 2729195
Dr. Bilas Singh Chief Technical Officer
bilassingh@icfre.org 2729194
Smt. Kusumlata Parihar Senior Technical Officer kusum@icfre.org 2729199
Sh. Dhana Ram Senior Technical Officer dhanaram@icfre.org 2729196
Sh. Anil Singh Chouhan Senior Technical Officer
aschouhan@icfre.org 2729191
Sh. Mahipal Singh Rathore L.D.C. mahipalsingh@icfre.org 2729189
Sh. Kailash Sharma Office Attendent ksharma@icfre.org 2729198

Information Technology Cell |  oic_it_afri@icfre.gov.in

Name of Officials Designation Email Id Phone
Dr. Tarun Kant Scientist-G & Officer-In-Charge tarunkant@icfre.org 2722112
Sh. Sumantra Basu Scientist-B & Co-Incharge sbasu@icfre.org 2729145
Sh. Pratap Ram  Technical Officer pratap@icfre.org 2729113
Sh. Rajesh Meena Senior Technician meenar@icfre.org 2729113
Meeta Singh Tomar Senior Technician tomarms@icfre.org 2729113
Asha Meena
Lower Divisional Clerk
ashameena@icfre.org 2729113

Account Section 

Name of Officials Designation Email Id Phone  
Sh. Kailash Chand Gupta Account Officer guptakc@icfre.org 2729119  
Sh. Devendra Singh Sisodia Upper Division Clerk dssisodia@icfre.org 2729117  
Smt. Varsha Vasita Librarian   varsha@icfre.org 2729117  
Sh. Sunil Jawa Upper  Division Clerk suniljava@icfre.org 2729117  
Sh. Laxman Meghwal Upper Division Clerk lmeghwal@icfre.org 2729117  
Sh. Akhil Singh Bhandari Lower Division Clerk akhilsingh@icfre.org 2729117  
Sh.Prem prakash Lower Division Clerk premp@icfre.org 2729117  
Sh. Paramveer Singh Solanki Lower Division Clerk solankips@icfre.org 2729119  
Smt. Lalit Kanwar Multi Tasking Staff lalitk@icfre.org 2729117

Establishment Section |  us__afri@icfre.gov.in

Name of Officials Designation Email Id Phone
Smt. Anita Head & DCF anita@icfre.org 2729120
Dr. Hemalata Assistant hemlata@icfre.org 2729120
Sh. Laxman Singh Rathore Assistant lsrathore@icfre.org 2729120
Sh. Suresh Chand Otwal Upper Divisional Clerk scotwal@icfre.org 2729120
Sh. Raju Ram Upper Division Clerk rajuram@icfre.org 2729120
Ms. Pushpa Rathore lower division clerk pushpar@icfre.org 2729120
Sh. Jitesh Meena Office Attendent meenaj@icfre.org 2729120

Hindi Section |  adol_afri@icfre.gov.in)

Name of Officials Designation Email Id Phone
Sh. Kailash Chand Gupta Assistant Director (Official Language) & PIO
guptakc@icfre.org 2729122
Sh. Ajay Vashistha Jr. translator avashistha@icfre.org 2729122

Facilities & Services |  hod_fs_afri@icfre.gov.in

Name of Officials Designation Email Id Phone
Smt. Anita
Head & DCF anita@icfre.org 2729115
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta Chief Technical Officer rkgupta@icfre.org 2729186
Sh. Manoj Chouhan Chief Technical Officer mchouhan@icfre.org 2729124
Sh. Saraj Lal Meena Asst. Chief Technical Officer slmeena@icfre.org 2729151
Sh. Ratnaram Lohra Senior Technical Officer
rrlohra@icfre.org 2729151
Sh. Rajshree James Stenographer-I rajshree@icfre.org 2729124
Sh. Rekha Dadhich Assistant rdadhich@icfre.org 2729124  
Smt. Shubhi Kulshreshtha Technician shubhi@icfre.org 2729124
Sh. Mahipal Singh Rathore L.D.C. mahipalsingh@icfre.org 2729124
Sh. Kan Singh Rathore Nursery Attendent ksrathore@icfre.org 2729587
Sh. Govind Sharma Forester sharmag@icfre.org 2729151
Sh. Jugal Kishore Gaur Forest Gaurd gaurjk@icfre.org 2729151
Sh. Teja Ram Office Attendant tejaram@icfre.org 2729107
Sh. Ashok Kumar Rathore Multi Tasking Staff rathoreak@icfre.org 2729111
Sh. Mahipal Mehra
Multi Tasking Staff
mehram@icfre.org 2729107
Sh. Raju Singh Multi Tasking Staff rajusingh@icfre.org 2729107
Sh. Kailash Choudhary Multi Tasking Staff choudharyk@icfre.org 2729117  
Sh. Akash Kandara Multi Tasking Staff akandara@icfre.org 2729114
Sh. Parmeshwar Multi Tasking Staff parmeshwar@icfre.org 2729203  
Sh. Balwan Indora Multi Tasking Staff - 2729203  
Sh. Akshat Goyal Multi Tasking Staff goyala@icfre.org 2729124  
Sh. Baldev Ram Multi Tasking Staff ramb@icfre.org 2729124  
Sh. Praveen Multi Tasking Staff parvin@icfre.org 2729107
Sh. Sanjit Kumar Technician (Electrical) - 2729151
Sh. Shivam Varma Technician (Plumber) - 2729151

>>Library |  lib_afri@icfre.gov.in

Name of Officials Designation Email Id Phone
Sh. Hemant Kumar Gagal Under Secretary & Library In-charge hkgagal@icfre.org 2729110
Sh. Shivdan Singh Rajput Library Information Assistant ssrajput@icfre.org 2729110

>>Vehicle Section - 

Name of Officials Designation Email Id Phone
Sh. Rajendra Kumar Sarwate Asstt. Chief Technical Officer rksarwate@icfre.org 2729159
Sh. Jasraj Driver jasraj@icfre.org 2729159
Sh. Dungar Singh Gehlot Driver gehlotds@icfre.org 2729159
Sh. Khinya Ram Driver khinya@icfre.org 2729159

>>Purchase Section |  po_afri@icfre.gov.in

Name of Officials Designation Email Id Phone
Sh. Manoj Chouhan Chief Technical Officer & Purchase officer mchouhan@icfre.org 2729125
Sh. Chaman Lal Section Officer chaman@icfre.org 2729108
Sh. Jitendra Bhati U.D.C. jitendrabhati@icfre.org 2729108
Sh. Triloka Ram Office Assistant trilokaram@icfre.org 2729108

>>Store Section

Name of Officials Designation Email Id Phone
Sh. K. C. Jediya Store Officer & ACTO kcjediya@icfre.org 2729108
Sh. Charan Singh Solanki Assistant cssolanki@icfre.org 2729108
Sh. Radhey Shyam Upper Division Clerk radheyshyam@icfre.org 2719108


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Director's Message

(M. R. Baloch) IFS

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the official website of ICFRE-Arid Forest Research Institute (ICFRE-AFRI), Jodhpur (Rajasthan). Arid Forest Research Institute came into existence .... See Next»

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