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Forest Protection Division (FP)

The Trees in the forests are prone to attack by the insects pests & diseases which cause extensive damages to the forest trees and their resources. The arid trees have shown their susceptibility to various categories of insects pests & diseases. Sometimes the infestation of the pests or disease is so massive that the trees of the whole area fall under threat and ultimately an emergency management operations need to be undertaken in order to save the forests. Recently the multipurpose tree species , Prosopis cineraria which is commonly known as Khejri, has been reported to be infested by unknown biotic factors resulting a great loss in the socio-economic terms to the rural society throughout the western Rajasthan.

Collection of soil sample

The conservation of the forests become impossible without having proper remedies for such kind of problems which need to be addressed very effectively especially in the arid and semi arid areas bearing a lesser density of forest cover where each and every tree is precious.

Examination of Khejri in progress

The Division of Forest Protection is working in the Institute to address these problems and is involved in developing the eco-friendly management strategies for the insect pests and diseases through integrated pest management (IPM). The division is engaged in carrying out research in evaluation, identification, bio-ecology and bio-management of insect pests of arid and semi arid tree species.

  • Screening, identification and bio-ecology of pests of arid and semi-arid tree species and their integrated pest management.


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