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Dr. Tarun Kant

M.Sc. Ph.D.


Group Coordinator (Research), Head GTI Div. & OIC IT cell

Area Of Specialization:

My area of specialization is Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Biology. My current research involves tissue culture of forestry species, particularly the ones that belong to the arid and semi-arid regions. I am quite intrigued by the medicinal plants. Some of the important medicinal plants of arid environments that I have been working on are: Commiphora wightii ('Guggal'), Balanites aegyptiaca('Hingota'), Caligonum polygonoides. Besides these I have been working on developing tissue culture propagation protocols for biodiesel plants – Jatropha curcas and Pongamia pinnata. Prior to AFRI, I worked on genetic engineering of rice using Agrobacterium at Purdue University USA. I have also carried out research towards understanding salt tolerance in plants through functional genomics and bioinformatics approach using cutting edge technologies like DNA microarrays at Cambridge University. Two of my Ph.D. scholars at AFRI have been awarded their doctoral degrees and currently 4 are carrying out their doctoral research.


Refreed Journals

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Scholarly Book Contributions (Chapters)

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Proceedings Papers

  1. C.J.S.K. Emmanuel, U.K. Tomar and Tarun Kant. Tree improvement for enhancing the productivity of Orans and Gauchars. Planting of quality stock In: Proceedings of the workshop on Development os Suitable Strategy for Rehabilitation of Orans and Gouchars in Rajasthan Sponsored by UNICEF at AFRI on 17-18 February 2002, Jodhpur Pp. 71-76 (2003).
  2. U.K. Tomar, Tarun Kant and C.J.S.K. Emmanuel. Planting of quality stock for fuel and fodder in community lands using clonal techniques. In: Proceedings of the workshop on Development os Suitable Strategy for Rehabilitation of Orans and Gouchars in Rajasthan Sponsored by UNICEF at AFRI on 17-18 February 2002, Jodhpur Pp. 78-80 (2003).
  3. Vinod S Gour, C.J.S.K Emmanuel, Tarun Kant. Direct in vitro shoot morphogenesis in desert date -Balanites aegyptiaca (L.) Del. from root segments. In: Proceedings of the IUFRO International Conference on "Multipurpose Trees in the tropics: Assessment, Growth and Management" (organized at AFRI, Jodhpur from 22-25 November 2004). Pp. 701-704 (2005). Download PDF from here.

News Letters & Popular Scientific Communications

  1. Vinod Singh Gour & Tarun Kant. Desert Date : A Multi-purpose Tree for Desert Ecosystem. MFP News 16(4) : p 20 (2006).
  2. Vinod Singh Gour & Tarun Kant. Mass propagation of Balanites aegyptiaca through tissue culture. AFRI Darpan (2006).
  3. Tarun Kant & A.K. Sinha. eFriends: A concept taking shape at AFRI. eParivartan. July 2008 Pp: 2

Papers Presented in Conferences

  1. Tarun Kant, S.L. Kothari, Halina Kononowicz-Hodges, Thomas K. Hodges. Agrobacterium tumefaciens -mediated Transformation of Rice using Coleoptile and Mature Seed-derived Callus -In: Abstracts vol. General Meeting of The International Program on Rice Biotechnology, Sep 20-24, 1999, Phuket, Thailand, p. 99.
  2. Priyanku Teotia, Tarun Kant, C.J.S.K. Emmanuel and U.K. Tomar. Studies on callus induction and maintenance from various seedling explants of Azadirachta indica (Neem).In: Abstract Volume, National Symposium on Prospects and potentials of Plant Biotechnology in India in the 21st Century and 23rd Annual Meeting of PTCA(I), 18-21 October 2000, p-67
  3. Tarun Kant, S.L. Kothari, Halina-Kononowicz Hodges, Thomas K. Hodges. Development of coleoptile based Agrobacterium tumefaciens- mediated transformation system of Oryza sativa L. In: Abstract volume of Biotechnology 2003 & 25th PTCA(I) Meeting, Jaipur 17-19 February, 2003. p-45
  4. Tarun Kant, Alok Varshney and S.L. Kothari. Pretreatment of mature seeds of basmati rice and manifestation of somaclonal variation in the form of albino plants. In: Abstract volume of Biotechnology 2003 & 25th PTCA(I) Meeting, Jaipur 17-19 February, 2003. p-90
  5. Sushma Prajapati, V S. Gour, Tarun Kant. In vitro morphogenetic studies in medicinal plants of arid and semi arid regions of the country. Communicated for Abstract volume of the Section of Plant Sciences of ISCA Annual Meet to be held from 3-7 January 2004.

Ph.D. Supervised

  • Dr. Vinod Singh Gour : "Studies on in vitro multiplication, differentiation and evaluation of some medicinally important plants of Rajasthan" 2008 from FRI University, Dehradun
  • Dr. Sushma Prajapati: "Tissue culture studies in an important medicinal plant of the arids and semi-arids Commiphora wightii (Arn.) Bhandari" 2009 from FRI University, Dehradun.


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