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Dr. Sangeeta Singh

M.Sc., Ph.D.


Forest Protection Division

Area Of Specialization:

Fungal plant pathogenic microorganism.


Papers in International Journals


Shekhar Meena, Singh Sangeeta, Anupriya, Khan Ashraf Ali, Archana and Kumar Sangit. Effect of inorganic salts and organic acids on colony growth of Aspergillus flavus and their use to control aflatoxin concentration in post harvest maize. Accepted for publication in Israel Journal of Plant Sciences.
2.  R. G. Shivas, A. Balu, S. Singh, S. I. Ahmed and K. Dhileepan, (2013). Ravenelia acaciae-arabicae and Ravenelia evansii are distinct species on Acacia nilotica subsp. nilotica in India. Australian Mycology:31:31-37.
3.  Gorain, Mahadeo, Sharma Naveen, Sharma Anchal, Meena, Anil Kumar, Singh Sangeeta, Srivastava  Krishnakant, and Ahmed Syed Irfan. (2014). International Journal of Agricultural Science Research. 3(7):112-120.

Papers in National Journals

1. Sangeeta Singh and K. P. Singh (2003). Infection Process of Bipolaris sorokiniana in wheat causing foliar blight. Indian Journal of Mycology and Plant Pathology. 33 (3): 427-430.
2. Mohmd Akram, A Singh, D.P. Singh and Sangeeta Singh (2003). Spot blotch of wheat caused by Bipolaris sorokiniana, an overview. Farm Science Journal. 12(2): 93-106.
3.  K.K.Srivastava, Neelam Verma, Sangeeta Singh, Bhawana Sharma and K.C, Jedia (2013). AM-Diversity and spore population in Mehandi (Lawsoniainermis L.) in Rajasthan. My Forest 49 (2) 41-52.
4.  Bhatnagar, Shiwani, Goran, Parveen and Singh, Sangeeta. (2014) Life cycle of small salmon arab Colotis amata (Lepidoptera: Pieridae). The Bioscan. 9(3): 1063-1066.
5.  Bhatnagar Shiwani, Singh Sangeeta, Goran Parveen, Kumar Bundesh and Ahmed S.I. (2015). Acanthophorus serraticornis: New pest record on Balanites aegyptiaca. Indian forester, 141 (3):347-348.
6.  Singh, Sangeeta, Shrivastava, Vineeta, Nirwan, Bindu, Bhatnagar, Shiwani And K.K. Shrivastava (2015). Study of incidence of stem canker of rohida and its causal agent. Indian Forester, 141 (2):227-229.

Papers in presented in Seminars/Workshops/Conferences

1. Singh Sangeeta, Ahmed S.I., Srivastava K.K., Verma Neelam, Sharma Bhawana. (2009). Some important diseases, their causal organism and insect pests of bamboo. National Seminar on Bamboo, 17- 19 March 2009.
2. Sangeeta Singh, S.I. Ahmed, K.K. Srivastava, Neelam Verma, Mahadeo Gorain, Anamika Sharma and Naveen Sharma (2009). Ravenelia macowaniana Pazschke – a new host   of Acacia jacquemontii from Gujarat. National Forestry Conference, 9-11 Nov 2009.
3. Sharma, R. C., Thirumalaisamy, P. P., Singh, Sangeeta and Rai, S. N. (2007). Morpho-genetic Variability in Rhizoctonia solani f.sp. sasakii incitant of Banded Leaf and Sheath Blight of Maize. (Abst.). National Symposium on Plant Pathogens: Exploitation and Management Jan. 16-18, 2007, Indian Phytopathological Society, Department of Biological Sciences Rani Durgavati University, Jabalpur.
4. Sangeeta Singh and K.P. Singh (2002). Cultural, Morphological and Pathogenic variability among isolates of Bipolaris sorokiniana from Tarai areas of Uttaranchal. Indian Phytopathological Society Meeting held at Kasargod, Kerela on 22-25 Jan. 2002.
5. K.P. Singh, P.P. Singh and Sangeeta Singh (2002). Integrated Pest Management in Rice-Wheat Cropping System in Tarai areas of Uttaranchal and Uttar Pradesh in Indian Phytopathological Society conference held at Nagpur on 12-14 Feb, 2002.
6. Sangeeta Singh and K.P. Singh (2001). Infection process of Bipolaris sorokiniana and effect of its toxin on wheat tissues. Annual conference of mid eastern zone held at Pantnagar on 10-11 Dec. 2001.
7. Sangeeta Singh and K.P. Singh (2001). Pathogenic variability among different isolates of foliar blight of wheat. Indian Phytopathological Society Meeting held at CAS in Botany, Univ. of Madras, 22-25 Jan.2001.
8. Sangeeta Singh and K.P. Singh (2000). Occurrence of foliar blight pathogens in relation to weather conditions and their pathogenic variability. Indian Phytopathological Society meeting held at Karnal, 15-17 Feb.2000.
9. K.K. Srivastava, S.I. Ahmed, Neelam Verma, S. Chouhan and Sangeeta Singh (2009). "Downy Mildew and Aphid problem in Isabgol (Plantago ovata) in Rajasthan and its management" in Abstract book on IV National Forestry Conference 2009 at FRI Dehradun on 9-11 November pp. 142.
10. S.I. Ahmed, Sangeeta Singh, K.K. Srivastava, Neelam Verma, Anamika Sharma and Prakash Chandra Bhadru (2010). "Insect pest and disease infestation in lawsonia inermis and plantago ovata and assessment of loss of yield in arid and semi arid regions" in Abstract book on national seminar held at ZSI, DRC, Jodhpur on 9-07-2010.

Chapters in books

1. M.P. Singh, Satya Vir, Nisha Patel, S.Lodha, R.R. Bhansali, Arun Kumar, R.S. Tripathi, B.K.Soni, R.K. Kaul, Raj Singh, T.S. Rajpurohit, B.S. Rathore, S.I. Ahmed, K.K. Srivastava, Meeta Sharma, Neelam Verma and Sangeeta Singh (2009)  "Management of Pest Diseases and weeds in Arid Production system"Eds. Amal Kar, B.K. Garg, M.P.Singh and S.Kathju CAZRI (published). p:411-457.
 2.   Shiwani Bhatnagar, Sangeeta Singh, Desha Meena and Suman Kansana (2014). Termite infestation on Azadirachta indica: A multipurpose tree of semi-arid zone. “Gums and Resin Yielding Plants”. Ed. Dr. Pratibha Bhatnagar.  Pointer Publishers, Jaipur. pp.85-90.
 3.   K.K. Srivastava; Divya Keswani; Sangeeta Singh; Neelam Verma; K.C. Jedia and Lokendra Singh (2015). “Association and Impact of AM Fungi on some Economic Important Medicinal Plants of Rajasthan” in “Mcrobes: In Action” Editors: Joginder Singh and Praveen Gehlot. Published by AGROBIOS (INDIA) PP 381-398.
 4.   Sangeeta Singh, Sunil Choudhary, Bindu Nirwan, Kuldeep Sharma, Shiwani Bhatnagar and K.K. Shrivastava (2015). Factors affecting diversity of rhizospheric fungal population. "Microbes: In Action", Eds. Joginder Singh and Praveen Gehlot. Published by AGROBIOS (INDIA), Jodhpur. pp.135-144.


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