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Rajesh Kumar Gupta

M.Sc. (Statistics)


Area of specialization:

Statistical Designing & Sampling, Extension of Forestry technologies, Landscaping, planting & beautification.
Worked in Agroforestry & Extension Division up to 2004 and involved in UNDP, NABARD & Transfer of Technology Projects of the Institute. Presently working ss Incharge of Landscaping and beautification of AFRI Campuses, EPABX and looking after management of All halls of AFRI, Jodhpur besides working as associates in various research projects of the Institute.


Papers Published in International Journals

  • G. Singh, Abha Rani, N. Bala, S. Upadhyaya, S.R. Baloch and N.K. Limba (2009). Resource availability through rainwater harvesting influenced vegetation diversity and herbage yield in southern Aravalli hills of India. Frontiers of Agriculture in China.

Papers Published in National Journals

  •  Gupta, Rajesh Kumar; Chaudhry, Pradeep and Srivastava, R.L. (2012) "Landscaping and performance of some aesthetic plant species in hot, arid conditions of India". Journal of Forestry Research, Vol 23(2), pp. 305-309. Northeast Forestry University and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.  
  • Chaudhry, Pradeep and Gupta, R.K. (2010) "Urban greenery and its sustainable extension strategies in hot arid region of India".  International Journal of  Sustainable Society, Vol.2, No. 2, pp.146-155.

National Journals/Books/proceedings

  • Rathore, Mala; Meena, R.K.; Gupta, R.K. and Abha Rani (2012) "Variation of Secondary Metabolite Content in various Developmental Stages of Pluchea lanceolata in arid Zone of Rajasthan" Paper published in Book on Non Tiber Forest Prodicts & Medicinal Plants Conservations, Improvement & sustainable Utilization.
  •  Lohra, Uma and Gupta R.K. (2010) "Snatak star ke vidyarthiyon ki vyavsayik aakanksha par parivartanatmaka adhyayana". "Educational Harald" a laurelled journal in the field of educational research, published by S.G. Kabra Teachers' College, Jodhpur.  Jan.-March, 2010, Vol.39, No.1, pp 112-122.
  • Chouhan, Sahdev; Yusuf, Mohammad and Gupta, R.K. (2009) "Loss Assessment in Pongamia pinnata, caused by Aceria pongamiae (Acarina: Eriophydae)". Vaniki Sandesh. Oct-Dec, 2009, 9-12p.
  • Bala, N., Singh, G., Bohra, N.K., Chaudhary, K.R. and Gupta, R.K. (2008) "Growth and iomass Accumulation by Eucalyptus camaldulensis irrigated at water regimes in Arid sandy plain of India".  Indian Foresters, May, 2008, 134(5):611-621p. 
  • Sharma, N.K., Gupta, R.K. and Tomar, U.K. (2008) "Standardization of Micropropagation Technique for Ailanthus excelsa Roxb. Adult Tree". Paper published as book chapter in the book on Forest Biotechnology in India. Eds. S.A. Ansari, C. Narayanan and A.K. Mandal, Satish Serial Publication House, Delhi, pp. 251-261. 
  • Arya, Ranjana; Hemant Kumar and Gupta, Rajesh. (2007) "Commiphora wightii- Natural occurrence and strategies for conservation". Journal of Ayurveda, Special issue on Guggulu Vol.I-4, Oct-Dec, 2007, 31-36. 
  • Yusuf, Mohammad; Chouhan, Sahdev and Gupta, R.K. (2006) "Loss Assessment in Some Important Forest Tree Species, Caused by Eutetranychus orientalis (Klein) (Acarina:Tetranychidae)". Paper published in Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences. Vol. 25A (No. 1) 2006: P. 25-30. 
  •  Sharma, N.K., Gupta, R.K. & Tomar, U.K. (2006) "Standardization of micropropagation technique of Ailanthus excelsa Roxb. adult tree". In: Nat. Con. on "Tree Biotech.: Indian Scenario" held at TFRI, Jabalpur (Abstract p 26). 
  •  Mohan, S., Gupta, R.K., Meena, R.L., Tripathi, Sangeeta and Singh, Balbir (2005). Agroforestry models for arid region of India pp 602-607. (Proceedings of the IUFRO International conference on "Multipurpose Trees in the Tropics: Assessment, Growth and Management" held at AFRI, Jodhpur during 22-25 Nov. 2004). 
  •  Negi, N., Choudhary, G.R., Gupta, R.K. & Tomar, U.K. 2004. Standardization of clonal techniques for Adult Acacia nilotica Spp indica A. Juss. In: 2004 IUFRO Joint Conference Division 2. Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding in the Age of Genomics: Progress and Future. 
  •  Prasad Rajendra; Gupta, R.K. and Lohra, R.R. (2003). " Participation of Farmers in Tree Plantation in Western Rajasthan". A chapter in a book on Human Impact on Desert Environment, edited by  Pratap Narain, S. Kathju, Amal Kar, M.P. Singh and Parveen-Kumar, 618-626 p. Arid Zone research Association of India and Scientific Publishers (India), Jodhpur, India. 
  •  Prasad, Rajendra; Gupta, R.K. and Choudhary, Pradeep (2000). "Socio-Economic Aspects of Peoples Participation in Forestry in Arid Region of Western Rajasthan". Proc. of National Seminar on Sustainable Forest Management through People's Participation, 7-8 Feb., 2000, T.F.R.I. Jabalpur. 159-167 p. 
  •  Ahmed, S.I.; Gaur, Meeta and Gupta, R.K. (1999). "Morphometrical Studies of Larvae of Rohida Defoliator, Patialus tecomella Panji, Kumar and Rose (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)". Van Vigyan, Vol. 36, No. 2,3 & 4, 74-77 p. 
  •  Sethi, K.S. and Gupta, R.K. (1999) " Biodiversity Conservation in Arid and Semi-arid Regions of India". A chapter in a book on Forest Biodiversity and its Conservation Practices in India, edited by Dr. S. Nautiyal and A.K. Kaul, 141-150 p. Oriental enterprises, Raipur Road, Dehra Dun (India). This chapter includes the list of some rare and endangered spp. requiring immediate attention for conservation because of their importance. 
  •  Prasad, R., Sharma, S., Gupta, R. K. and Lohra, R.R. (1996). "Analysis of Existing Agroforetry System in Selected Watershed Areas in arid Zone of Rajasthan". Proc. Of the second Regional Forestry research Meeting of Western Region, 8-9 April, 1996 held at Arid Forest Research Institute, Jodhpur. 
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Brochures In Hindi

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Brochures In English

  1. Gupta, R.K. and Mohan, S. (2001) "Kalpa Vriksha of the Desert: Khejri".
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