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Silviculture Division

The forest resource is very important resource for any society and it should be utilized to its best extent in order to provide the society better prospects of living. Moreover the productivity of the forest may be optimized through appropriate growth & yield studies. The yield of the forests can be increased by adopting the better management practices.

The analysis of the complex interaction between the level of growing stock, timber harvest and tree growth, is the central theme of forest management. Effective management of forest resources requires a pro-active attitude and an ability to cope with complexity. Pro-active in contrast to re-active management acknowledges the need for effective planning.

guggal performance Trial

The unit of Forest Management is looking after works related to Forest mensuration, Biometrics, market survey and various aspects of management of forests;

or example growth & yield modeling and predictions in forests and plantations, statistical distribution functions and their application in forestry, lopping management, assessment of the market trends regarding prices of different forest produces and collection of forestry statistics data.

Evaluation of Teak Progeny Trial at Gujarat
  • Construction of volume and yield equations for important arid zone tree species.
  • Development of site index equations and growth & yield functions viz., potential density, mortality, basal area prediction and thinning models for important tree species grown in the States of Rajasthan & Gujarat.
  • Lopping studies on important fodder trees of arid and semi-arid region
  • Application of statistical distribution functions in growth modeling and defining size class distribution in forest stands
  • Market survey regarding prices of timber, fuel wood, bamboos and collection of forestry statistics data.

39th Annual Meeting of Plant Tissue Culture Association


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